The result of any game is a positive difference in goals scored and conceded.
This difference is made up of the differences created by the players.
Each player wins or loses combat.
Thus, it forms its difference and the difference of the whole team.
Do you want to see what difference each player creates?

For this it is necessary to conduct a series of micro matches in training.
You saw a simplified example of a sport where there are two players in the team.
It is necessary to completely equalize each player in the number of micro matches with the other players. And they can be both partners and rivals.
Full alignment does not allow you to get a good result due to stronger partners and weaker rivals.

You can see a completely uniform distribution for handball, mini-football, basketball, hockey, volleyball.
It is shown in the diagrams that the distribution of players is completely uniform. Both for partners and for rivals. As a result, the difference of scored and missed goals combined from micro-matches, the total difference of the player depends only on the player himself. It does not depend on partners or rivals.
However, this form is not always convenient. It concerns only the number of players who can enter the field. This is 8-12 people. The team usually consists of a much larger number of players. How to be? In this case, you must admit a small level of error in determining the difference, but to let all players down to the game. And make a spectacular modern form of the game with the gradual elimination of the weakest players.

On the video you can see the first attempts to play a personal championship.
Otherwise we used for this purpose Etsel ‘
The recording quality is not high. Unfortunately.
Why do you need to do this?
First of all, a shortage of quality high-quality games is being filled.
On the other hand, players begin to progress very quickly. The player can play poorly for the team. But for himself, he will never play badly.
The coach can pinpoint who to take on the team.
The coach of the national team is similar.
I am often asked the same questions.
The player does not need to score to score himself.
The difference will be the maximum where the player wins the greatest number of single combats.
The coach does not have to worry about any particular player.
The guys determine the tactics of the game themselves. A tactical resource is also included in the final score through the difference of goals scored and conceded goals.