Expected results of the 2018 FIFA World Cup by the results of 2017 games


А   1/8 финала   1/4 финала   ½ финала    финал  
Уругвай 3619 Уругвай 3619            
Россия 2563 Иран 3033 Уругвай 3619        
В       Перу 3562        
Португалия 3095 Перу 3562     Уругвай 3619    
Иран 3033 Аргентина 3298     Бразилия 4246    
С       Бразилия 4246        
Перу 3562 Бразилия 4246 Япония 3278        
Франция 3349 Швеция 3308            
Исландия 3433 Бельгия 2828         Бразилия 4246
Аргентина 3298 Япония 3278         Франция 3349
Бразилия 4246 Россия 2563            
Швейцария 2895 Португалия 3095 Россия 2563        
F       Франция 3349        
Швеция 3308 Исландия 3433            
Германия 3223 Франция 3349     Франция 3349    
G           Германия 3223    
Бельгия 2828 Германия 3223            
Англия 2569 Швейцария 2895 Германия 3223        
H       Колумбия 3770        
Колумбия 3770 Колумбия 3770            
Япония 3278 Англия 2569          

. If the tournament would not pass in Russia, then the fate of our team – not to leave the group. With Rt = 2563, the Russian team won from Egypt (1: 0), lost to Saudi Arabia (1: 2) and Uruguay (0: 2). In the process of eliminating players, the Rt national team tends to increase. He will also grow at the expense of the factor of his field – the hosts in football score twice as many guests. It is also known practice of judges to help the owners of all World Cups. I would like to express the hope that the World Cup will do without the scandals that have become so familiar to us.

However, the Russian team has a chance to reach the quarter finals. However, many conditions are necessary for this. This is a topic for a separate study.

World Cup 2018 will win the national team of Brazil. In the final, the company will be formed by the French. However, everyone knows the ability of the German national team to carefully analyze the opponent. And then put it into practice. Surprise can be Iran, Japan. It is unlikely that Argentina will claim anything.