On the Internet there are many sites with a set of combinations for a basketball team. As an example, let’s bring the site (Figure 3.4., 3.5.) Https://www.fastmodelsports.com
Combinations Uralmash BC, used in the season 2017-2018 from US sites 2 down: BL, SB, SL, 5VN 5VS, 22 4, HORN. (See Table 3.54)
3.54 – Table of comparative effectiveness of the match BC Uralmash – BC Arsenal
The number of points in the 27 position attacks of the Uralmash BC N points
when using the combinations BL, SB, SL, 5VN 5VS, 22 4, HORN 18
at the initiative of the players themselves 24
according to calculations of PIRS 33
We will consider the match of Uralmash BC with Arsenal BC, which took place on February 19, 2018. In that game, BC Arsenal won with a score of 86:64. We record almost a twofold increase in the effectiveness of PIRS technology over the selected coach Y. Fokin for Uralmash BC. This is one of the reasons why instead of a defeat with a score of 64:86 Uralmash BK could win with a score of 110: 73.