First of all, we must allocate the games of the team where the defeat is expected
We must have an idea of ​​what place the team will take if it plays the same in the future.
We must be ready to offer a variant with the search for a head coach.
The main trend in the game sports is the combination of local national tournaments in a single international championship. On this site we show the arrangement in such a championship.
However, this is not the main thing.
The main thing is that we must determine the players’ ratings by the game components based on the ratings of both teams meeting. This allows you to create a game model with the most accurate value of the expected result. A bad rating system is roughly the same as a bad currency. If you keep your savings in rubles, then you can not calculate the efficiency of their placement. After all, the ruble is heavily dependent on oil prices and the government’s desire to cover the budget deficit by printing money. It is generally accepted that the euro and the dollar behave more steadily. The situation with the rating of players is completely analogous. It will be stable only if the team rating is stable.