The result of the game in the game form of the sport is the balance of the goals (Z) and the missed (P) goals
The difference created by the team (3 – P) consists of similar differences created by each player separately. Winning and losing their single combat the player forms this difference.
Likewise, the part of the difference Z and P created by the player during the game can be represented as the sum of the differences in the components of the game. For example, there are transfers for the back, playing, the implementation of scoring chances and many other components.
The system of linear equations in which the results of a command are read can be transformed into many other systems of linear equations for each component separately. However, the question arises of the importance of these or other components. Expressed more professionally, all components differ in the cost of won martial arts. Obviously, beating usually gives a very high cost. But the simple preservation of the ball under control in a static position, the selection of the bouncing ball will have a low cost.
The collected rating of the team from the ratings of players with the correct selection of the cost of martial arts will give exactly the same team rating as the overall tournament decision.
The player’s rating is equal to the rating of the team consisting of such players. The difference in the ranking of the player and the opposing team is the difference for the personal meeting, if all the players of our team have exactly the same rating as the given player.