First, we need to convince the partner that he will receive a dividend from the cooperation. To do this, you must win a match, which he usually loses.
For this we need a video of 1-2 previous games of both rivals. As a rule, difficulties arise with junior teams.
We provide partners with the placement of players on the field, the mode of their substitutions and the game scheme, indicating the expected score of the match when all these conditions are met.
However, we understand that football is not chess. Players can not remember 80 combinations.
In this case, you will have to sacrifice some of the benefits that can be obtained by more technologically solving the problem. The number of combinations is reduced, but for each of them there is a rearrangement of our players on the field.
In the future, we introduce the coefficients of perception of the player submitted information and build a game miscalculation taking into account this factor.
The basic error in the work of the model is related to
– the player does not reproduce his level of play
– players can not find the variation of the given combination taking into account the violations in the alignment
– Implementation of scoring chances.