The result in competitions in sports games is a one-year tournament.
However, in this situation, the team’s results at the beginning of the year usually delay the value of the rating from what is actually existing today.
Earlier we gave a rating on the results of games for the last year

Today we give ratings on the results of games for the last two months. Why?
The rating should show the situation of the team as accurately as possible today. If you take one last result, then there will be too few goals scored and conceded. The rating will become unstable due to too little information. The rating for the year will be very stable, but not topical for today.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle.
Approximately 8 games are needed in football in order to get the best match of the received ratings to the actually obtained result of the nearest match.
In football, this period of 8 games is approximately equal to a stretch of 2 months.
In hockey, the same period is equal to 13 matches.

In order to demonstrate a one-year rating, we use the calculation of the expected number of points scored in football. That is, the annual rating in football is reflected in the number of points expected for the season.