Every year the number of spectators on football is declining. In 1970, there were an average of 30 thousand at the matches of the championships of the USSR. Today there are 12 thousand left. Every year the number of spectators on football is reduced by 2-3%. This is due to many reasons. First of all, television has made watching the game at home more comfortable. You can say, he intercepted the viewer. However, it is more important that other interests appear. 25 years ago there was no Internet.
The key factor in the development of football is the tactical schemes used. In football, selection is dominant over all other components of the game. As in hockey, it is much easier to select the ball than to beat the opponent. Accordingly, all tactical schemes evolve towards the growth of the numerical defensive resource. Once they played the famous W – 3-2-5. The result of the first final match of the World Cup was 8: 3. After that, there were 4-2-4, 4-4-2, 4-3-3. As a result, it’s already difficult to see the goal in the World Cup final. Now here is 4-2-3-1 gradually replacing 5-3-2. Goal becomes exotic. The viewer is not interested in long sitting teams on the defensive in anticipation of the opponent’s mistakes.
What can be done?
It seems to me that we need to fix the number of goals in the match. Just play, for example, up to 3 goals in total. And give the team as many points as she scored goals. We lost 0: 3 – zero points. Won 3: 0 – got three points. 2: 1 won – got 2 points. If the teams want to sit on the defensive, then let them play until the morning. They exhaust themselves. This will affect their overall results in a negative way. Nevertheless, in order not to delay the games, after 60 minutes it is possible to smoothly reduce the number of parties. On the 60th minute, the coaches remove one player from the field. On the 70th minute – one more. And so on. Performance is increasing dramatically with a reduction in the number of parties. So you will not stay in defense.
In this case, the audience will see what they have come for – goals. However, football is a victim of its popularity. The final match of the World Cup is watched by 3 billion spectators. Therefore, any change in football is unlikely because of inertia in decision-making. So there is a paradox – the decision will not be made until the football does not lose some of its popularity. In the meantime, we are forced to watch heavy, boring, tedious matches like “Rostov” – “CSKA”

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