Hello, friends.
I am Doctor of Science from the Ural Federal University Polozov Andrey.
I do research in the field of modeling in game sports. I work with the Russian national football team since 2010.
Today we will consider a computer model of the nearest match of the CPRF team against the Norilsk Nickel team.
I took one of the previous games of the CPRF team. Further all martial arts in this match were counted. For each combat, calculations were made. As a result, in each component of the game, each player was matched by a certain level. Components of the game over 50. In each component of the game, the player’s level decreases from the match load. Further, these data were compared with similar data from the team from Norilsk. We were able to present the capabilities of each player to win single combat from each of the rivals for all the components of the game.
Let’s see how this all works. Technology we call Polozov Information rating system. “Let’s compare the efficiency of the CPRF team’s attack.” Let’s take an ordinary match and calculate the probability of scoring in combination.
We see the average efficiency of the game of the CPRF team at the level of 3%. This level is very different for different attacks. One attack may have a chance to become a goal of 1%, and the other 30%. Let’s see.
Here you see examples of combinations that the CPRF team can use against the Norilsk team with the most efficiency. However, the combination assumes that only those players that are shown in the figure do not participate. The chances of the team are scored. As you can see, they are much more than in the combinations of the CPRF team that we saw. I hope you liked this video. You can write to us. We can do the same research for your team. Bye.